My parents and brother came from Malta in 1964 and I was born in 1967. Us boys had it easy for a few years until our sisters were born in January 1972.

My parents arrived here by boat along with most of my Dad’s family. They all settled in St Albans so I got to grow up around extended family including my Nunna, aunties, uncles and cousins.

It was a happy upbringing. We weren’t exactly financially well off, though I only realised this as I got older and met people whose childhoods involved overseas travel and skiing. But we never went without the important things and there was an endless supply of love and caring and a heap of laughs.

The reason for this blog is to show that a migrant family’s story can be a happy one, and to break through some of the stereotypes around growing up in Melbourne’s western suburbs – even if some of the events would probably have us end up on A Current Affair today.

Most of these stories are my own or my family’s recollections and written with a great deal of poetic licence. They did happen but I can’t vouch for their accuracy so please let me know if I’ve got anything wrong.

Some of the descriptions of ‘violence’ on this blog may or may not be exaggerated.


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